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We are pleased to confirm that the 14th International Paleolimnology Symposium will be held between 18-21 June 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. This will be a special joint Symposium between the IPA and IAL. For more information on the Symposium, visit here.

For any prospective groups thinking about organising a symposium these guidelines may be of use.

So far there have been 13 International Paleolimnology Symposia around the world:

  • 13th Symposia: 4-7th August 2015
    Hosted by: Lanzhou University
    Location: Lanzhou, China
    Information on all awards from the Symposium will follow although student awards can be found here and obituaries can be found here.

  • 12th Symposia: 21-24th August 2012
    Hosted by: ECRC UCL & University of Glasgow
    Location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • Information on all awards from the Symposium can be found here as well as the obituary of Eugene F. Stoermer read at the Symposium by John Smol.

  • 11th Symposia: 15-18th December 2009
    Hosted by: Instituto de GeofĂ­sica U.N.A.M, Mexico
    Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
    more information here
  • 10th Symposia: 25-29th June 2006
    Hosted by: University of Minnesota & Museum of Science, Minnesota
    Location: Duluth, Missesota, USA
    photos from this meeting are posted on
  • 9th Symposia: 24-28th August 2003
    Hosted by: Environmental Change Research Unit (ECRU), University of Helsinki & Geological Survey of Finland
    Location: Espoo, Finland
  • 8th Symposia: 20-24th August 2000
    Hosted by: Department of Biology, Queen’s University
    Location: Kingston, Canada
  • 7th Symposia: 28th August – 2nd September 1997
    Hosted by: Joint German and Swiss colleagues
    Location: Heiligkreuztal/Riedlingen, Germany
  • 6th Symposia: 1993
    Location: Canberra, Australia
    Published: JOPL 11(3) and JOPL 12(3)
  • 5th Symposia: 1989
    Location: Ambleside, UK
    Published: Hydrobiologia 214
  • 4th Symposia: 1985
    Location: Ossiach, Austria
    Published: Hydrobiologia 143
  • 3rd Symposia: 1981
    Location: Koli, Finland
    Published: Hydrobiologia 103
  • 2nd Symposia: 1976
    Location: Mikolajki, Poland
    Published: Polskie Archiwum Hydrobiologi 25
  • 1st Symposia: 1967
    Location: Tihany, Hungary
    Published: Symposium on Paleolimnology