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The Paleolimnology Forum (Paleolim) is a listservice dealing with all aspects of paleolimnology. It currently has 690 members and is managed by Tom Whitmore at the University of Florida’s Northeast Regional Data Center.


JoPL thumbThe Journal of Paleolimnology (JoPL) was launched in 1988 and remains the foremost journal concerned with all aspects of the reconstructions and interpretations of lake histories.

It is the 2nd most-cited journal in the Limnology category and has an impact factor of 2.197 (ISI Citation Report, 2005).

The Journal of Paleolimnology is published eight times per year by Springer.

Book Series

Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research

DPeR thumbPaleoenvironmental research continues to enjoy tremendous interest and progress in the scientific community. The overall aims and scope of the Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research book series is to capture this excitement and document these developments. Volumes related to any aspect of paleoenvironmental research, encompassing any time period, are within the scope of the series.

The latest volume is Late Cenozoic Climate Change in Asia: Loess, Monsoon and Monsoon-arid Environment Evolution. Zhisheng An (editor).


LIMPACS is an IGBP/PAGES Focus V project. Focus V is concerned with “Past human-environment interactions”, and LIMPACS deals with lakes.

The programme is designed to assess how and why lakes have changed, are changing and might change in the future as a result of human activity.

PAGES Focus 5 Past Ecosystem Processes and Human-Environment Interactions aimed to unravel the complex interactions between human activities, climate, and environmental processes.

It promoted the integrated use of environmental archives (e.g. sediments and tree-rings), archaeological data (e.g. habitation artifacts), documented histories (e.g. land use inventories) and instrumental records (e.g. meteorology, long term ecosystem monitoring).