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The Springer Student Book Prizes for best Oral paper and Poster presentation were again awarded at the IPS 2015, Lanzhou, China

The Early Career Representative, Virginia Panizzo organised a judging panel for the Springer Book Prize for the best oral paper and best poster presentation. Thank you to all of the students and Judges that took part. The following were awarded and highly commended at the meeting:

Poster Award
Runners up: Alicja Bonk and Tao Jianshuang
Winner: Yu Chen, Capital Normal University, Beijing
Title: The sedimentary process and mechanism of varves from Kusai Lake in the Hoh Xil area, Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Oral Award
Runners up: Graham Mushet and Yanjie Zhao
Winner: Heather Moorhouse, University of Nottingham
Title: Landscape-scale palaeolimnology in lakes of the Windermere catchment to identify drivers of limnological change from the 19th century

Congratulations to you all! We would also like to thank Springer who continue to support these awards.